>>>We represented a woman who suffered complete paralysis when the physician injected her spine with a chemical that killed the nerves of the spinal cord. She not only did not require the spinal injection, but also the choice of drugs was inappropriate for her level of pain. A settlement of present and future dollars in the amount of $5,500,000 was obtained on her behalf.

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A. Russell Blank has spent over 30 years handling cases involving complex medical and factual claims and representing clients who suffer from serious personal injuries or have suffered a wrongful death of a loved one. He and his staff are specially trained and competent to undertake the proper preparation of your case for trial. Expert medical and product consultants, investigators and paralegals all bring their expertise to your claim, with one primary goal, that is, getting you the largest recovery allowable under the law.

Since a trial is the end result of hard work and dedicated efforts by a team of individuals, our law firm not only can assure you that you will be given the utmost in professional services, but also we will keep you informed of the progress of your claim as it develops and moves toward your day in court. Our clients know and appreciate our efforts of their behalf and have been educated as to what is required to prevail before a jury. Our firm is always available to answer the questions of our clients and we return all calls to our office.

We know that our clients deserve the best legal representation possible. Our years of success are based on the excellent recoveries we have obtained, keeping our clients informed, and developing a personal rapport that transcends the normal lawyer-client relationship. That is why our clients often favorably report the excellent legal services they received to the attorneys that may have referred them to our office, and why a majority of our cases come from other attorneys. Contact us if you want to discuss your claim and receive concerned and superior legal representation.


$2,125,000.00 was recovered from an Obstetrician and hospital for the death of an expectant mother, who presented herself at the hospital in premature labor. In an effort to slow down the progress of the labor, the treating physician ordered the administration of fluids in approximately four times the amount that are needed, along with medicines that are known to cause pulmonary edema.
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If you have suffered a serious personal injury or have a claim for wrongful death arising out of an occurrence involving any of the following areas of legal practice, you may have a claim that warrants legal representation.



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