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To be recognized by one’s peers is both an honor and a testimonial to the accomplishments of one’s career.

Lawyers earn a reputation of competence and integrity by years of hard work, successful trial results and professionalism in their dealings with other lawyers and the clients. Recognition of a lawyer’s accomplishments can be measured by honors bestowed, elected positions in legal organizations and the respect of one’s peers. That is why the majority of cases we handle are referred to us by other lawyers.

Most lawyers devote the majority of their professional life to working in a limited or specific area of law. Good lawyers, recognizing their limitations, refer matters out of their area of expertise to other attorneys who have spent many years establishing a superior and successful track record in handling specialized legal issues. Our law firm has developed such a reputation, with the training, experience and knowledge necessary to earn the confidence of attorneys throughout the United States.

Please call us if you have suffered a serious personal injury or have a claim for wrongful death arising out of an occurrence involving any of our listed areas of legal practice. If you have questions as to what your rights may be, or wish to talk with a lawyer about how to protect your personal or family interests, we are ready to answer your questions.

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