Verdicts and Settlements

Settlements of $1,750,000 for death of college girl riding as a passenger in a car struck by a bus

A college girl was asleep in the rear seat of a car driven by a person that was overly tired from days of partying before and after a football game in another state. As a result, at an intersection that did not permit a turn, he turned left into the path of a bus that struck the car at the location of the sleeping girl.

Settlements for $1,500,000 for a man who suffered significant brain damage after an endotracheal tube was inserted through his nose and into his skull

A man was suffering severe headaches and nausea when he was seen in an emergency room for treatment. A nurse, in an attempt to insert a nasogastric tube through the nose and into his stomach, misdirected the tube upwards through the boney structure that separates the sinuses from the brain and continued to push that tube until it made a complete circumference of his cranial cavity. The tube was able to be pulled back out, but the man suffered serious cognitive and other mental injuries.”

$1,540,000 Million We represented a man who suffered a permanent brain injury when the machine upon which he was working malfunctioned and in his attempts to get it working again, two steel plates unexpectedly closed on his head.

The manufacturer and a component part vendor were held responsible and our client was awarded $1,540,000 in present and future compensation.

$6,600,000 Million was obtained from a jury against the manufacturer of a commercial oven used to bake cookies.

A long history with that manufacturer had shown the product capable of exploding under circumstances such as those reasonably foreseeable. The Plaintiff suffered grievous burns as a result of the exploding oven and as a consequence, suit was filed and a jury verdict returned against the manufacturer of the oven.

$2,125,000 Million was recovered from an Obstetrician and hospital for the death of an expectant mother, who presented herself at the hospital in premature labor.

In an effort to slow down the progress of the labor, the treating physician ordered the administration of fluids in approximately four times the amount that are needed, along with medicines that are known to cause pulmonary edema. Within hours of the administration of these fluids and medicine, the mother began to have difficulty breathing, and in an effort to save her unborn triplets, she was hospitalized and an emergency C-section was performed. During the delivery process, the mother died of pulmonary edema, or a massive amount of fluid on her lungs that resulted in her death and injury to the infant children.

A settlement in the amount of $1,500,000 Million was obtained for a woman who fell from a second story overlook in a house available for sale to the public.

The railing protecting the overlook was removed a number of weeks before the prospective purchaser was sent by the sales agent to view the house. The failure to provide a barricade and the negligence of the sales representative in sending the victim to the home resulted in severe head and orthopedic injuries to the woman who fell to the concrete floor below.

A verdict in the amount of $1,250,000 Million was obtained for two workers who were overcome by toxic chemicals while cleaning the fuel tank of a tugboat in Savannah, Georgia.

The cleaning solvent that was provided for their use failed to contain adequate instructions, including information that the fumes would be heavier than air and, therefore, accumulate at the lower levels of the fuel tank. As the first employee collapsed from exposure to the toxic fumes, his rescuer upon trying to effectuate the removal of his co-worker, also was overcome by the toxic fumes and his rescue became necessary. The label on the can was shown to be insufficient and the most reasonable proximate cause for the permanent respiratory and mental injuries suffered by the employees.

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