Under what circumstances can you file a claim for injuries caused by exposure to toxic chemicals?

Toxic Chemicals 

The Dangers of Toxic Chemicals

We live in a world of chemicals.  Most of them are relatively harmless, even if misused.  However, there are chemicals that can cause serious injury or death if improperly used.   It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide explicit warnings and instructions on how to handle or be exposed to chemicals that can cause harm.  In many cases, the sales department of a chemical company urges that the warnings of known dangers be minimized since cautionary language can inhibit sales.  The damage that can be done by exposure to toxic chemicals cannot be minimized.  So, anyone hurt by a chemical should have their situation carefully assessed to determine if more could and should have been done to reduce the danger of injury.

Increased Risk for Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
Some jobs increase your risk of exposure. Working in or near a chemical plant almost certainly puts you in contact with dangerous chemicals. Factory workers, painters, insulators, and HVAC technicians are also high-risk occupations. But exposure can also occur outside of the workplace.

Possibility of Compensation
In some cases, you can receive compensation for your injuries. If exposure occurred because your employer was negligent, then your only remedy is through a claim for workers compensation benefits.  On the other hand, if you were exposed to a chemical that was manufactured by a company other than your employer or you bought the product at a store and used it according to the label instructions and still got hurt, then you may have the right to file a claim for damages.

In some instances, the damage done by exposure to a chemical may not manifest itself immediately.  In Georgia, the statute of limitations runs from the date on which you first experienced a symptom that was caused by the exposure, even if you did not realize that it was from a chemical that you encountered many months earlier.  The law requires that you diligently investigate the cause of your complaints by going to more than one doctor, if needed.  You have two years to discover the cause of your injury and after that date, your claim will expire.

Legal Representation
It is not easy to prove a toxin caused your injury or illness. That is why you will want to consult a toxic and chemical injury attorney. You might need professionals such as doctors, chemists, and toxicologists to speak on your behalf. An experienced personal injury attorney in Georgia would know whether such experts are needed and will have a list of such persons to contact.  A good lawyer can also assist in helping you get the diagnosis of your condition, if it remains uncertain, by directing you to doctors or other experts who specialize in this field.

A  personal injury attorney in Georgia will also guide you on how to establish the magnitude of your injuries.  It must be remembered that a toxic chemical injury case is a complicated matter and A. Russell Blank LLC has been handling these type cases for more than 30 years.  He is capable of advising you on how to proceed.


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